Viv Li is a Chinese filmmaker based in Beijing and Berlin. She has been writing and directing films in the UK, China, the Philippines, US, Portugal, Hungary and Belgium. Her films have been screened and awarded internationally. Born and raised in Beijing, she spent the past ten years traveling and living in various cities in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. This allows her to have a distinct point of view as a well-travelled Chinese artist. Currently, she is working on her first feature debut in Berlin, The Two Mountains Weighing Down My Chest.

Viv Li is a recipient of the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and holds a master degree in Documentary Directing from DocNomads. She also earned a bachelor’s degree with honour in Drama and Film Studies from the University of Manchester. During her studies, she formed a comedy collective as a standup comedian and performed around the UK. Before turning into film directing, she studied English literature in Beijing Language and Culture University, where she developed great interests in poetry and writing. Her first poetry collection, Naked Behind You, is looking to be published next year.

Aside from individual works, Viv Li has gained extensive experience by working in the film and media industry. In 2016, she joined Vogue Film, a platform under Vogue China. She has then created and directed short fashion films to a worldwide audience. Meanwhile, she continues to work with independent directors and artists for films and video projects around the globe. Viv Li enjoys exploring cultural and artistic boundaries in her works. She has often focused on the sensibility and tangibility of moments, relationships, sexuality, identity and self-awareness. She is skilled in approaching delicate topics with humour and poetry. Through her artistic practices, She wishes to use her particular voice as a Chinese artist to connect different genres, people and cultures.​