Naked Behind You

Poetry Collection, unpublished
Broken heart pieces, disappointments of self, and the dark side of hope. 

She is a fish
And I ate her alive
As a whole
She swims between my ribs
Lingering behind the bars
So she is locked inside
Together with my heart

I feel like a piece of
Fresh mud
Can’t make it to any shape
And it is disgusting
How absorbed I am

An idealist joke
A long time after
Bubbles start to pop
What you believe in, fall
Into a deep deep hole
That you don’t even hear the sound of it landing
And you are waiting for it to happen
You are all ears
You peak into the hole of all darkness
Is it hope or simply pathetic effort?
To lie to yourself
Of the idealist’s joke
When everyone in the world is already laughing at him
Ha Ha Ha

Starting to like you
Just like the toothpaste I take in
While brushing my teeth
Every morning and night
Pile up
To be my love