Across the Waters    

Fiction in pre-production, 15 mins, Director

In the dark night of a deserted Chinese mining town, Xiao Lan, a teenagewife, meets an illegal truck driver in the local restaurant. Her attention is immediately caught by the stolen walkman in the driver’s hand. An unfamiliar but exciting kind of music gives her a glimpse of the outsideworld that she has no idea of. This encounter triggers Xiao Lan’s urge to escape a place that is not just trapped by the long stretch of mountains. Will she take the chance in front of her?

Supported and presented at:
CNC Short Film Production Fund, 2023
Brussel International Short Film Festival, Co-production Forum, 2022
European Short Pitch, Best Project Award, 2022
Interfilm Berlin, Script Pitch, 2020

Full deck and treatment available upon request.